Purpose, Mission & Vision

Our Purpose

Midland Christian School exists to nurture hearts, equip minds and pursue truth and wisdom.

The School is organized to operate a day school with an enrolled student body taught by a regular faculty who will use a Christian basis as described in Article IV of the Constitution, in providing classical education of high academic quality, so that students may be prepared to take their place in the home, church and vocation or profession in a meaner that is God glorifying. The school will endeavor to make Christian education available to all who desire and qualify for it.


Midland Christian School exists in unity with family and church to provide an educational environment that is based on God’s Word for maximum academic, physical, spiritual, and social growth of children so that they will honor God with their lives.

Vision for Graduates

We graduate young men and women who possess the knowledge and wisdom to attain their high calling and realize their destiny with humility and gratitude to God, knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. Our students, equipped with the tools of learning, love to learn, think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding, reason persuasively, speak precisely, and evaluate all knowledge and experience in the light of the Scriptures.

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