Curriculum by Grade Level

Our Academic Program, based in the classical Christian method, develops students’ character, depth of intellect, reasoning, and speaking.

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

These “pre-grammar” years are focused on developing an excellent foundation in reading, writing, and math.

2nd through 4th Grade

In 2nd through 4th grade, our students hone their core skills of reading, writing, and math (Grammar Phase) while they learn Latin, science, literature, geography, and history.

  • 2nd grade studies ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
  • 3rd grade studies ancient Greece and Rome
  • 4th grade studies medieval Europe
5th and 6th Grades

Students are now developing a sense of independence and the love of learning, so it’s time to immerse them further into the wonder of learning.

  • 5th grade emphasizes Renaissance art, music, history, and beauty
  • 6th grade studies American history, culture, and literature
7th and 8th Grades

This is the core of our Logic phase, we begin to transition students in these grades to think for themselves. History, literature, philosophy, theology, and art are taught as an integrated whole, with scripture at the center.

These classes are taught almost entirely from original source documents, not textbooks. We teach students to develop their own understanding of history from those who lived at the time, rather than depending on the skew of a textbook.

  • 7th grade focuses on the Greek and Roman era. They also learn the core questions of worldview, such as what is the nature of God, how do we know things, and who are we?
  • 8th grade Letters is focused on the Medieval time period
9th through 12th Grades

Now students enter our Rhetoric phase, where we emphasize the ability to use logic, literary device, the Great Ideas, and connections with history, philosophy, and theology to make sense of our world. Here, they truly break the habit of “listen and regurgitate on a test.” Classical education is the only form that places this emphasis on learning.

Traditional subjects as well as the study of Ominbus, Apologetics, Hermeneutics and Debate are required. Seniors are required to write and defend a thesis.


Learn how we deliver our curriculum using the Classical Model.

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