The Easiest Way to Save on Tuition

The easiest way to save on tuition at Midland Christian School is simple. Just use gift cards to purchase groceries, meals and gasoline that you already buy every week.

The Scrip program for the 2017-18 school year launched this week, providing parents, family and friends with a way to buy gift cards for dozens of stores, restaurants and online retailers while both reducing their tuition and supporting Midland Christian School through a percentage of the proceeds.

Here’s how it works: Every other week a parent volunteer, Kristin Diekman, collects scrip order forms for gift cards. The two-page form has more than 60 stores to choose from. The cards are sold at a discount to the school, usually between 2.5 and 16 percent below their face value. You then pay face value for the cards which are delivered to you the following week. The school retains a percentage of the discount and then credits your tuition account with a percentage as an incentive.

A family could earn $250 or more toward tuition through using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases. Gift cards also make great birthday presents and Christmas stocking stuffers.

Grandparents, friends and community supporters are also welcome to participate and may designate their earnings toward a particular student or the school’s Scholarship Fund. Learn more by contacting the school office or by visiting

Begin your first order today by downloading the Scrip Order form.

How Scrip Fundraising Works

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