We Love Talking to Prospective Parents

We love talking to prospective parents at Midland Christian School – and welcome your referrals if you’re a current parent.

View on our YouTube Channel

View these videos now on Midland Christian School’s YouTube Channel.

We’ve even developed two short videos that give a glimpse of life at Midland Christian School and what actual students, teachers and parents have to say about the school. You can view these videos on our new YouTube channel.

Prospective parents can also visit Midland Christian School at 10 a.m. every Thursday for a regularly scheduled campus visit designed just for them. They will receive a tour, an explanation of our classical Christian educational approach and an opportunity to have all their questions answered. More details can be found on our Campus Visit page.

At this time of year, many parents are considering where to enroll their children in school for the fall. You can help these parents and potentially impact their children for a lifetime by the simple act of sharing these resources as an endorsement of what Midland Christian School means in the lives of your own children.

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