What makes Midland Christian School unique?

You are cordially invited to the Midland Christian School annual open house to learn more about what makes us unique.  Meet our teachers and see our facilities from 10am to noon.

Midland Christian School is petite school that intentionally creates relationships with students and families in which they are known, accepted, and loved as they are taught about Christ.

We are a multi-denominational school that honors God and glorifies Christ by educating children: equipping minds, nurturing hearts, and pursuing truth and wisdom.  Midland Christian School is a community of believers in Christ which integrates the diversity of Christianity in the name of Jesus.

Unique Qualities

  • Small class sizes, thereby offering more individualized attention per student. Even after we grow larger this will be true.
  • Large classrooms. No one is cramped here!
  • Inexpensive private school with flexible pay schedules.
  • Family atmosphere, where a student and/or a family feels (and is) supported, where all ages intermingle and work and learn together, where teachers and staff members know each child by name.
  • A community and culture of edification with respect and grace is fostered.
  • Homeschool friendly with reliable teachers and well-developed curriculum.
  • Better than building “self-esteem,” Midland Christian School builds “virtuous living” through timeless lessons.
  • We are a thriving group of dedicated parents, motivated students, and encouraging staff.

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