New School Website is Especially Friendly

Perhaps you’ve already noticed our new website design. In addition to looking snazzy, it is also “friendly” in at least three different ways.

The website you’re viewing now scales for easy viewing on any device from a phone to a tablet to a laptop or desktop. With more than half of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, this new “responsive design” ensures that the school’s web presence is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere on any device.

The site also now focuses more carefully on the needs of prospective parents, while still providing the background information and news that current parents need. “It is especially important that the school’s website be friendly to parents who are considering whether we are the right choice for their children’s education,” Head of School Carianne Robbins said. “Our website provides the first impression of Midland Christian School and the place prospective parents expect to begin to find answers to the questions they have.” To help with this, the new site is also video-friendly, with several videos featured on the home page and others throughout the site.

While prominently explaining Midland Christian School’s classical Christian approach to education, the new site also encourages prospective parents to visit the school’s campus. “We’ve found that there’s no better way to help parents understand what we offer than to have them visit, take a tour and let us answer their questions one-on-one,” Robbins said.

The new site has also reorganized items of frequent interest to current parents. The link to log into RenWeb, our secure parent portal, is now available at the top of the screen, renamed to be understandable to outside visitors. Likewise, the school’s activity, academic year and sports calendars are available from a single link at the top of the page, or individual links in the page footer.

The new site was the result of months of work by the Publicity & Marketing Committee, including usability testing, competitive research and extensive rewriting to accommodate users’ need for shorter, more concise information when viewing the site on their mobile devices. The site design was the result of a partnership with Bolger+Battle, a Midland-based advertising and marketing agency and built on the industry standard WordPress platform.

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