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Here’s what some families have had to say about preschool and kindergarten at Midland Christian School:

“I love Midland Christian Preschool because it is a place that both of my boys loved going to everyday. They looked forward to preschool each morning because they knew they were going to do fun and interesting activities that would help them learn new things. I truly believe their love for learning began at Midland Christian.

I appreciate how creative, approachable and loving the teachers are to the children. They take the time to get to know the children and families personally. The whole family feels very welcome at the school. I have been very happy with Midland Christian Preschool and plan on sending my third son there as well when he is old enough.”

— Kim

“When your kindergartner educates you on President Gerald Ford, it is a great reminder of why I drive 30 minutes to take my kids to school.”

— Summers

“Words cannot express my gratitude towards the Midland Christian Pre-K program. The teachers are wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. My child attended three other preschool programs prior to Midland Christian School and he is finally learning age-appropriate material with excitement. My son has experienced profound growth academically after starting this program.

“The methods and materials for learning are the most effective I’ve seen. Small class size has not only given my son the close attention he needs, but also caused his social growth to blossom incomparably (with other programs). Most importantly, for the first time, my son loves to go to school. Every time I pick him up, he reports to have had a great day.

“The teachers and children treat each other with respect and love, which has built my son’s self-concept tremendously. Before choosing Midland Christian School for my child, I looked at all of the other local preschools and I can say with confidence that Midland Christian School runs an exceptional program.”

— Christy

“The Early Childhood program at Midland Christian School has been absolutely more than we expected. We have been so pleased to have found a pre-school for our daughter that has a well-balanced, insightful and educated perspective on early childhood learning. The uniqueness of the program is in the teachers’ abilities to understand and develop the individual attributes of each child.

“Moreover, the teachers are great at integrating the natural, playful rhythms of young children with challenging and creative, fun-filled daily learning activities. The school is a dream to a pre-schooler and their parents – a consistent, safe and nurturing environment that fosters a child’s creative and spiritual growth while also challenging their intellect; a forum for playful socialization with a perfect amount of structure for a pre-schooler’s attention span; an opportunity for each child to feel unique and accepted; an atmosphere that encourages a child’s relationship with God; lots of laughter!

“It is wonderful to see how excited our daughter is to go to school each day!”

— James & Tami

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