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One Rate Our School Onlineway for Midland Christian School to get more online visibility is by having people rate us on various platforms. This is quick and easy to do. Plus, it helps with search rankings on Google and elsewhere.

On Facebook

Visit Midland Christian School’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/midchrschool and select “Reviews” from the left menu under the school’s shield emblem. Then click on the row of gray stars to provide a rating. Prospective parents visiting the page also appreciate your comments here as well. You can also jump directly to the review section by going to www.facebook.com/pg/midchrschool/reviews/

On Facebook’s mobile app, search for the school by name by using the search box at the top of the screen. Then scroll down to just before recent posts. Don’t select the first row of small blue stars listed “Education – Midland Michigan” (more on this below). Further down you will see a large row of gray stars with the heading “Tell people what you think.” Click the stars to enter your rating and review comments.

On Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most important places you can rate the school. Google uses these ratings as part of its ranking of search engine results. From Google.com on your desktop, enter “Midland Christian School” in the search box. Then make sure to select “Maps” from the menu choices on the search results page, right under your search query and above the results. On the Google Maps page, look at the bottom of the left-hand column for “Write a Review.” You’ll be able to select a star rating and describe your experience.

From the Google Maps’ mobile app, enter the school name, and then scroll down on the resulting page to near the bottom. You will see a row of blank stars that you can click to enter your rating and review.

On GreatSchools.org

This site is a destination for people seeking information about schools as well as feeding its ratings into Facebook. Go to www.greatschools.org and search for Midland Christian School by name. Make sure to select our school here in Michigan! There are also schools with our name in Texas and Australia.

Select “Reviews” tab from the menu on the page to enter your star rating and review comments.

On Yelp

In addition to restaurants and other businesses, you can find ratings and reviews about schools on Yelp. Visit Yelp.com on your desktop or by using the mobile app. Search for Midland Christian School near Midland, MI. Then select the red button with a star icon labeled “Write a Review” to enter your star rating and comments.

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