Our first ever MCS Science Fair is just around the corner!

Parents, please make plans to join us on Thursday evening, March 12, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., in the school gymnasium. All of our MCS students are participating; the youngest will have classroom experiments and drawings to share, and the 3rd through 12th graders will each have individual science projects on display. There will be judges, ribbons, prizes, and all kinds of mind-blowing, awesome, scientific discoveries! Be prepared to be amazed!

If that isn’t enough – we’re celebrating Pi Day that evening as well! This year’s Pi Day is very important because it’s 3/14/15, and that’s π — 3.1415…!
So, instead of just celebrating Pi Day with the students – we want to share it as a school community! We’re asking for donated pies (home-made or store-bought) to be brought to the school on the morning of March 12. We will serve pie for all during the Science Fair!
Science and Math! Science and Pie! This may be the greatest evening ever – please plan to be there!

What IS a “Community Forum”?

The Midland Christian School Community Forum, usually scheduled in the Fall and Spring and open to the public, is designed to encourage us all to appreciate God’s creation and His eternal truth manifested throughout history, to explore how to think concerning current issues confronting us, and to gain wisdom to live and work so that we are able to enrich the culture.

We hope you will not only join us, but bring your friends and colleagues to upcoming offerings.

Past speakers:
Spring 2013: “The Classical Foundations of Liberty” (Dr. Ken Calvert, Headmaster, Hillsdale Academy)

Fall 2013: “What History Teaches Us About Educating the Next Generation of Christians” (Dr. John Pafford, History Professor and nationally published author)

Spring 2014: “Coaching Your Children Through Their Toughest Questions” (Mr. Tom Gilson, National Field Director for Ratio Christi Ministry, and nationally published author)

Fall 2014: “Brilliant – Man Made in the Image of God!” (Mr. Bruce Malone, Executive Director, Search for the Truth Ministries)

Spring 2015: “How Ideas Become Laws” (Mr. Joe Lehman, President, Mackinac Center for Public Policy)